Recognition of Belarusian diplomas abroad

We’ll tell you how to get an international diploma in Belarus

More often Belarusian universities appear in international rankings. In 2021 QS World University Rankings published the TOP-1300 world universities which includes BSUIR, BNTU, BSU. But that's not enough for choosing a country and university to study. You need to know whether a Belarusian diploma is recognized in the world.

How to get an international diploma in Belarus?

Today the Belarusian diploma is recognized in eighteen countries. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan are among them. 

Even if the university you want to enter doesn’t issue diplomas of European standards - Diploma Supplement – you can enter to Master's degree and get it. Such education abroad is considered complete.

Belarusian universities also offer additional educational programs. They allow you to get double diploma. For example, the Institute of Business and Management of Technologies of BSU, BSEU, BSTU.

To get an international diploma we recommend to pay your attention to MBA programs. The thing is that you need to have diploma of higher education.

How to legalize Belarusian diploma abroad?

When you collect the documents for further education or work abroad it is important to prepare official translation of the Belarusian diploma into a foreign language. 

Before submitting it to foreign institutions translation of the diploma must be legalized according to the procedure established by the legislation of the receiving country. 

The following two obligatory procedures are necessary:

  • confirmation of the document validity for foreign countries (apostille or consular legalization);
  • notarization of the diploma translation.

It doesn’t matter from where to start.

Apostille is a simplified legalization procedure. It is applicable to the granting of diplomas in 98 countries which signed the 1961 Hague Convention.

Otherwise, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of consular legalization of the document. It is more time-consuming and requires more legal actions in the institutions of both Belarus and another country. Moreover, the document is legal only on the territory of the country that certifies it.

Is the Belarusian diploma recognized abroad?

Recognition of the Belarusian diploma abroad largely depends on the specialty and university that you graduate from. For example, some IT companies value BSUIR diploma.

Meanwhile, foreign graduates from other universities aren’t deprived of possibilities. Special commission can require to prove your knowledge or take additional examinations. But you will have to pay for them. In any case the diploma isn’t the main criterion for employment. Your knowledge is much more valuable.

How a foreigner can recognize his diploma in Belarus?

Sometimes a foreigner needs to recognize his non-Belarusian diploma in Belarus. For example, when he/she wants to get a job or study for the master's degree, postgraduate study. In this case you should apply to the National Center for the recognition of documents. You need to show:

  • a document and a copy of the applicant's identity document;
  • an original educational document and its appendix (some countries require legalization of the document);
  • documents confirming a name change (if the name in the passport and education document aren’t the same).

The applicant may provide additional evidence of his or her education (school or college diploma, bachelor's degree, etc.).

Important: if your document falls within the scope of international treaties or if the university you graduated from is included in the list of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the recognition procedure isn’t required.

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