Free invitation and consultation

Do you know that MyUniver does not take money for issuing and sending an invitation! Just select the educational program on our website, and on the program page fill in and submit the application. Then our manager will advise you about the necessary documents and after sending the same to us you will only wait for your invitation to study

online bid
Choose a training program
online bid
Leave an application on our web page and we will contact you
online bid
Send us your scanned documents
online bid
Receive an invitation and fly to Belarus
online interview

online interview (for correspondence students)

Now you may save a lot of money and time and get interviewed for successful admission remotely (online).

When you 're home you need to:

  • prepare and send us a list of documents
  • be ready for online interview on the scheduled date
  • follow Skype online interview for university admission
  • be engaged in preparation of the visa and arrive at the first session on time

Why it is favorable?

  1. 2 visits to Belarus in the first year instead of 3
  2. savings for flights, transportation, accommodation and other expenses
  3. qualified MyUniver support at all stages
* payment of this service takes place regardless of the result of the interview.
from $50


You are visiting Belarus for the first time and you don't know how everything is arranged here? Don't worry, you're not the first foreign student we help. We will meet you at the airport and deliver to Minsk (or we will organize a move to another city), so we will tell you and show you everything!
And also we take care of the following issues:

  • hostel check-in (advance reservation)
  • assistance in solving household and other related issues
  • assistance in SIM Card registration
* cost of this service may vary depending on destination


If you worry that you can't do it on your own, we'll definitely help you! Everyone can contact us for more help. We will provide you with a personal supervisor (assistant) who will be at your side as needed. Here are the issues he/she will help you to resolve or fully assume for the period of your full adaptation:

  • submission of documents
  • transfer from airport or train station
  • registration of SIM card with mobile internet included
  • conclusion of contract for education
  • enrolment in the educational group
  • registration with citizenship and migration authorities
  • support during medical examination
  • familiarity with the educational institution (tour along the institute/university building and housing, visit the institute /university departments and dean's office, etc.)
  • household activity (accommodation in a hostel, preparation of a meal, purchase of clothes and other things, stationary and writing materials)

The following costs are included in the package price:

  1. passport translation and notarization of translation in the Republic of Belarus
  2. payment of the state dues for temporary residence
  3. payment of the state dues for annual registration
  4. payment for medical examination in the students’ polyclinic of the Republic of Belarus