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Belarusian State University

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General Information

The Belarusian State University is the leading scientific, educational, innovative and cultural center of the Republic of Belarus. The Belarusian State University (BSU) was founded on October 30, 1921. It uses its potential, based on the best national and international experience, to meet the intellectual, cultural and social needs and interests of individuals, society and the state, and contributes to the sustainable development of the country.
The university's strategy is based on the creative collaboration of faculty and students and is aimed at:
  • implementation of educational, research and innovation programs
  • Formation of the favorable conditions for the development of the intellectual and creative potential of the person
  • Preserving and upholding the best traditions of classical university education
  • Assurance of a worthy place in the world educational space

BSU in international ratings

According to the international QS World University Rankings BSU is among the top 300 best universities in the world. Since 2017. BSU is the only one representing Belarus in the Shanghai ARWU subject ranking in physics (group 351-400). BSU's digital library is ranked 2nd among the world's best open access repositories (Transparent Ranking of Repositories).

BSU complex

 BSU complex includes 16 faculties, 11 educational institutes and educational institutions, 16 academic buildings, 87 research laboratories (including student laboratories), 6 research institutes, 13 scientific centers, 11 unitary enterprises, 3 educational and experimental stations, 1 start-up center, 6 museums, 1 scientific and technological park, 10 hostels. In total - 166 buildings and 9 isolated premises with a total area of more than 420,000 square meters.

Academic Community

 The university's academic community consists of faculty members, researchers, students, and graduate students.
Today BSU has over 3,000 faculty members who hold full-time teaching positions in the main faculties and institutes of the university. Among them there are 5 academicians and 11 corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 300 doctors of sciences and over 900 candidates of sciences.
There are about 25 500 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Belarusian State University offers a variety of educational programs at all levels of education. The higher education programme is organized at the main BSU faculties and educational institutions in 72 specializations. BSU offers master's degree programs in more than 44 specialties. The PhD program, designed to train highly qualified PhD researchers, is offered in 130 postgraduate majors and in 121 doctoral majors in various branches of science.
Today at BSU there are more than 4,400 international students from more than 50 countries of the world. BSU received its first foreign students in 1961. Many of them are now highly qualified specialists, world-class scientists, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Over nearly a century of its history BSU has trained over 160,000 graduates, more than 10,000 of them for foreign countries. More than 30 well-known foreign scientists and politicians are honorary professors at BSU.
Outstanding graduates of Belarusian State University include ministers, scientists and teachers, political leaders working in many countries of the world.
There are more than 4,500 candidates and more than 670 doctors of sciences among BSU graduates.

Fields of study

Today BSU offers about 72 specialities of Bachelor's degree, about 122 specialities and profiles of Master's degree in all spheres of education: technical, natural, economic, humanitarian:
  • Pedagogy. Professional education
  • Art and design
  • Humanities
  • Communications. Law. Economics. Management. Economics and organization of production
  • Natural Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Social Security
  • Security Services


BSU is a large research and production complex, which is fully implemented scientific and innovation chain: fundamental and applied research, management and production, sales and promotion of scientific and technological developments.
The most famous scientific developments of the scientists of the Belarusian State University:
  • 15 BSU scientists-physicists are co-authors of publications on the discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (Switzerland);
  • Since the 1990s BSU has been involved in space research on the ISS. Since 2014, a video spectral system created by scientists of the Research Institute of Physical Problems at BSU has been operating aboard the Russian segment of the ISS;
  • 280 high-efficiency high-power power sources were manufactured and supplied by order of the enterprises of the Federal Space Agency of Russia (Roscosmos);
  • heat-resistant materials with operating temperatures of up to 1700°С, developed at BSU, are used in nuclear power, space, and aviation industries;
  • more than 3,000 operations have been performed with the antitumor drug Cisplacel produced by Unitechprom BSU, successfully performed in the Republic of Belarus.
  • The antitumor drug Temodex (in hydrogel form) and Prospidelong, which have no analogues in terms of their composition and method of use in the world, have been created;
  • More than 250 sessions for treatment of internal oncologic organs in the Alexandrov Russian Scientific and Practical Center for Oncology and Medical Radiology. N.N. Aleksandrov on the computerized hyperthermic unit "Ptich-M" developed at the Belarusian State University;
  • pheromone preparations for pest control in the Republic of Belarus have been developed and produced, which has made it possible to preserve and increase the forest fund of the country.

International cooperation

Today BSU has more than 500 international agreements, signed with universities and research institutes from more than 60 countries. Among BSU's partners are the world's leading universities.
Every year students and staff of the university receive training, professional development and internships abroad. BSU, in turn, welcomes foreign nationals as part of joint projects, programs and agreements.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

BSU provides comfortable dormitories in new areas of Minsk. In total there are 10 dormitories and all of them are in excellent condition and meet all safety standards.
The students have the "University" training and sports complex at their disposal. More than 150 youth projects a year are realized by BSU students, 10 youth organizations and student government bodies, 13 creative teams, 143 creative associations and clubs, 30 sport sections, more than 100 sport improvement groups.
Sports complexes

University programs

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