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We have compiled a selection of the questions, most frequently asked by foreign applicants, with detailed answers

MYUNIVER Student Support Team answers hundreds of questions from applicants and parents every day. Most often, we are asked the same questions, so we decided to combine them in one article. This information will be useful to anyone who wants to enroll in a Belarusian university or college.

What documents are required for admission?

A copy of your passport, birth certificate, and educational certificate. That's enough, and we'll do the rest ourselves.

How long does the process of issuing an invitation take?

Usually, the legal deadline for the migration service to review documents is 14 working days. But for various reasons, the term can be increased or reduced.

Are there any age limits on invitations?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, there is a certain category of foreign citizens from countries that are considered unreliable in terms of migration. They use the opportunity to come to Belarus for further illegal migration to the European Union. In this regard, our team, the university and the migration service pay special attention to the age of the candidates. For example, if a foreign candidate aged 35 from an unreliable country in terms of migration wants to study Russian or get a bachelor's degree, this will arouse suspicion, and his application for invitation will be rejected.

Can I get a tourist visa?

Our team provides comprehensive assistance in obtaining a student visa. We do not deal with tourist visas.

How long is the invitation valid?

The maximum validity period of the invitation is 3 months. We advise you to plan everything correctly so that you have time to get a visa and fly to Belarus.

Why should I pay the service fee?

The service fee must be paid only by those candidates who require a visa to come to Belarus. Our team has always sought and will continue to strive to make the admission procedure to Belarusian universities transparent, fast and easy. Unfortunately, the preparation of documents and registration of the invitation takes quite a lot of time and effort, in addition, according to the law, we are responsible for the invited candidates. Thus, the service fee is only a tool for insuring our risks and labor costs.

Will I get my money back if the invitation is not approved?

No. Preparing and submitting documents takes a lot of time and effort, but we have reduced our service fee to an acceptable level.

What should I do when the invitation is ready?

When your invitation is ready, you can prepare to come to Belarus. For this purpose, you should have with you the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • Original educational certificate(s) (school certificate/bachelor's degree);
  • Birth certificate;
  • Medical certificate confirming the possibility of studying in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Certificate of negative HIV test;Obligatory medical insurance policy;
  • Vaccination card;
  • Photos 4*6 cm, 6 pieces.

All the above documents must have a notarized translation into Russian.

Important notice: also obligatory is a negative COVID-19 test done 72 hours before your arrival in Belarus.

How much money should a student have on arrival at the airport in Minsk?

It is considered that the amount of 3000 USD is sufficient to pay for training and other expenses. When making a decision on issuing a visa, the migration service employee may inquire about the availability of this amount and ask to show it.

What will my expenses be when I arrive in Belarus?

Here's the list of expenses:

  • If there is no consular representation of the Republic of Belarus in your country, and you will receive a visa at the Minsk airport, then you will need to pay for it $110;
  • If there is a consular representation of the Republic of Belarus in your country, but you will receive a visa at the Minsk airport for some reason, then you will need to pay $220;
  • SIM card with unlimited Internet ≈ $5;
  • Medical insurance for one year - 170 euros;
  • Translation of the passport into Russian with notarization ≈ $10;
  • State fee for temporary residence permit ≈ $33;
  • Mandatory medical examination ≈ $80;
  • Payment for the first month of the hostel -≈ $30.

How much does it cost to study at the preparatory department?

It all depends on the university you choose. Follow this link to view all possible programs of preparatory courses.

Is online admission and enrollment possible?

Yes, it is possible. This method of admission will be a bonus when submitting documents to the migration service for issuing an invitation and then coming to Belarus to continue studying offline.

Can I pay for my education before coming to Belarus?

Yes, you can. To do this, you need to pass an online interview and enroll. After that, we will send you a contract for training with the university and an invoice for payment. This will be a bonus when submitting documents to the migration service for issuing an invitation and then coming to Belarus to continue studying offline.

Do universities allow you to pay for tuition in 2 payments?

Yes. The payment can be arranged in two stages. The first semester studies must be paid for upon arrival.

Does the university provide housing for foreign citizens?

Yes! Every foreign student is provided with accommodation in a student hostel.

Can I work in Belarus?

Yes, you can. Foreign students have two possibilities to work legally in Belarus:

  1. Get a special permit to engage in labor activity (it is not received by the student, but by the company that employs the student);
  2. Work in your major-related area. For example , if you are studying to be a translator, you can work as a translator in a translation agency, then you do not need to get a special permit.
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