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Vitebsk State University of Technology

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General Information

"I am proud to be educated at VSTU" (c) a graduate of Vitebsk State Technological University.

Vitebsk State Technological University is the centre of education, science and culture of the Republic of Belarus. VSTU is accredited as a scientific organization, and its research is important for the world community.

At Vitebsk State Technological University of Light Industry you get higher education in IT, economics and management, e-comm, marketing, production technologies and design. There are full-time and part-time options for studies.

The university was founded in 1965. Every year thousands of graduates become professionals of the highest category, obtain academic degrees and take up management positions in commercial and public enterprises within and outside the country.

At present more than 3,500 students study at the university, among them more than 500 foreign citizens. The university is actively developing its international dimension.

The university has partnership agreements with 95 universities of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, etc. Dual degree programmes and international exchange programmes for students and teachers are being implemented.
Why should you choose VSTU?
  • A leader in staff education for light industry enterprises.
  • VSTU is rapidly improving its position in international rankings Webometrics Ranking of World Universities and UniRank.
  • The university's highly professional teaching staff includes doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors.
  • The university is certified according to the international quality management system STB ISO 9001-2009.
  • The Science and Technology Park of Vitebsk State Technological University helps to develop entrepreneurial skills. The university technology park aims to link talented young people with the real economic sector. 
  • A library of over 1,200 square metres and an open repository are at the disposal of students. The collection contains more than 370,000 publications in different media.
  • Special attention is paid to developing the creative potential of students. Students' hobby groups, fashion house, concerts, festivals, conferences and exhibitions contribute to this development.
  • The university raises winners. Students take part in sports competitions, creative festivals and creative competitions and win prizes and prizes in city, national and international events.
  • Comfortable modern dormitories are located near the main building and have a gym and a swimming pool. The cost of accommodation starts from $50 a month. 
  • A student's sanatorium with a license for medical activities is opened on the basis of the VSTU.

At the moment there are six faculties at the university: 
  • Information technologies.
  • Economics and business management.
  • Industrial technologies.
  • Design.
  • Faculty of distance learning. 
  • Professional development and retraining.

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Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

The school has education and production laboratories, a sci-tech park, a sports complex and a rehabilitation centre. The student campus is compactly located on the central avenue of Vitebsk and includes 5 academic buildings, 2 dormitories, a canteen and a sports stadium.
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