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University of Nicosia

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General Information

"Best practice in education" is the motto of the University of Nicosia. The university was the first in the world to accept bitcoins as tuition fees. The practice has been in place since 2013 and is still ongoing.

Although teaching is bilingual - Greek and English - most programmes are conducted in English. 

Graduates receive an internationally recognised diploma. You can choose to major in any field of business, medicine, humanities or engineering. A variety of options are available to students - both face-to-face and distance learning programmes. Online degrees are also awarded in Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. The high level of the University's distance learning experience has been recognised by a number of international organisations, including the European Association of Distance Education Universities, the European E-Learning Quality Assurance Foundation and QS Intelligence Unit, the leading independent global university rating agency. It has been awarded the Erasmus University Charter.

The University has an excellent reputation and receives high marks and prestigious UN and EU awards.

Why you can be sure of choosing the University of Nicosia:
  • The leading and largest private university in Cyprus.
In addition to the well-developed infrastructure of the main campus, the University has some 20 branches around the world, including New York, Athens and Bucharest. The university is internationally active and has an open foreign policy. It cooperates with educational institutions of Great Britain, Australia, Armenia, Turkey and others.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
90% of teachers have business experience, have taught in the UK and America, and have PhDs. The university has an American education system. Students make their own lesson plans to optimize their learning experience. 

The University of Nicosia diploma is a guarantee of quality and career development. 
Graduates are in demand by major international companies such as Nielsen Global, Deloitte Global, Oracle, etc. The diploma is recognised in any country. The university itself regularly hosts career days, when everyone can find their dream job while still a student.
  • Great infrastructure.
Around $60 million has been spent on the infrastructure of the university.

The campus includes modern campuses, engineering, medical, chemical science laboratories; information centres, radio and TV studios. The library is housed in a separate building and contains over 100,000 publications. The university has everything for students' diverse leisure time: cinema, gyms and sports grounds, cafés and restaurants, games halls. 

International students are provided with a dormitory located in the university residence. It consists of 3 separate complexes and contains everything necessary for successful study, recreation and self-actualization.

  • Individual work with each student.
The university maintains the most loyal attitude towards new students. A separate department helps to find student accommodation based on wishes and financial possibilities, to adapt to the new living and studying environment.

The university helps graduates with their future employment opportunities.  
  • Ideal for undergraduate medical studies.
The School of Medicine is a distinctive feature of the University of Nicosia. The place is renowned for educating medical professionals in fields ranging from family medicine to neurobiology and surgery. Students can pursue further studies at St. George's University in London through a partnership programme. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained gives unlimited opportunities to work anywhere in the world. The Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery is equivalent to the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the USA. 
  • Additional benefits of the University of Nicosia.
  1. Classes are taught in English.
  2. Reduced visa requirements.
  3. Opportunity to combine study with work. 
  4. Relatively inexpensive compared to UK programmes and of the highest quality.
Educational buildings

Life Conditions

The university is located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Nicosia is the centre of culture and education in Cyprus. It has a mild climate, plenty of attractions and monuments, shopping and leisure facilities, restaurants and cafés. The campus is 15 minutes from the beautiful city centre. 

Three unique dormitories - Six, U and Triangle - are available to students. There are comfortable student accommodation, a variety of recreational facilities, leisure time with friends and sports facilities.

There are fifteen pieces of campus facilities including academic buildings (Main Building, Europe Building with classrooms), research centre, freestanding library, dormitories, cafés and restaurants, open air amphitheatre and sports hall. 

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