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Kuleshov Mogilev State University

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General Information

Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov prepares qualified specialists in various professional fields. The University actively accepts foreign students as well as exchange students for training.

The information about the University

Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov is one of the oldest universities in the country, which was established in 1913. At first, the University prepared only educators and teachers. The institute received the status of a higher educational institution in 1918 and in 1934, the departments were reorganized into faculties and in 1938, a postgraduate school was opened.

Only in 1997 Mogilev Pedagogical Institute was reorganized into Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov. The  training of teachers in various fields has remained as the main specialization of the University, although specialties related to the national economy have been added to the educational program.

In the eighties Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov was three times awarded the challenge  Order of Red  Banner, the third time this award went to the University forever.

The University structure

Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov comprises 7 faculties:

  • Foreign languages
  • Historical and Philological
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Primary and music education
  • Pedagogy and psychology of childhood
  • Physical training
  • Economics and law

Also, part of Mogilev State University  are various units:

  • Agro-biological station
  • Postgraduate and doctoral studies
  • Research sector

On the basis of the University, the institute of retraining and advanced study functions. It also provides the pre-university study for applicants and career guidance programs.

The University includes two subsidiary educational institutions:

  • Social and Humanitarian College
  • Goretsky Pedagogical College

The status of the University and academic programs

According to Webometrics ranking  Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov  takes the  8850th  place in the world ranking of universities and the 27th  place among Belarusian institutions of higher education.

At the preparatory department of Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov  there are special Russian language courses that help foreign applicants prepare for admission to the University.

International cooperation is carried out through the Department of International Relations, which actively promotes cooperation with universities from near and far abroad. Joint scientific programs, conferences and educational programs contribute to more  complete studying. As of today, Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov  has concluded more than 70 international  contracts with foreign institutions of higher education.

Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov is an experienced participant in TEMPUS projects; ERASMUS MUNDUS international academic exchange programs - EMINENCE and EMINENCE II projects, the ERASMUS + program and others. The University actively operates the center of the German language and culture. It organizes lectures and seminars of the German Academic Exchange Service, and teachers from Germany are regularly invited. In 2017, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture was officially opened. On the basis of this center photo exhibitions “China - a strategic partner of Belarus”, as well as “Nanjing - the twin city of Mogilev” are constantly available.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

Accommodation, meals and leisure

Mogilev State University named after A. Kuleshov creative circles, amateur groups were organized, and a University newspaper is published. In addition, Mogilev State University has a sports club, which forms a positive attitude of students towards sports and a healthy lifestyle. The club holds competitions, sports and athletics days and other sports events with the participation of students and teachers.

The University also has social-pedagogical and psychological services that provide support to the University students.

There are 4 buildings of dormitories for students. All dormitories have kitchens, rest lounges and self-study rooms, sports clubs and sections for the creative development of students. Meals are provided by two canteens and two buffets  at very affordable reasonable prices.

Foreign students have the primary right to be accommodated into a dormitory during both the preparatory courses time and for the entire period of study at the University.


Payment for accommodation in the dormitory is established by the rector of the University and includes the use of living quarters and adjacent premises (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), as well as the use of bedding.
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University programs

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