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International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship

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General Information

International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship is a combination of tradition, experience and high-tech modern education methods. Founded in 1993, it has educated more than 20,000 highly qualified professionals who continue their professional development in their specialisation. 
The university offers education in the most in-demand professions of our time. The focus is on economics, financial management, law, industries related to modern information technology and others.
You can choose the appropriate form of education: full-time, distance or part-time. Distance learning is based on MUDLE and other platforms. Postgraduate degrees are available for students who wish to pursue a research career or a teaching career.

Modern methodologies

With a modern approach, the curriculum is regularly updated. The teaching process combines both classic methods (lectures, seminars and workshops) and modern communication techniques using business games. Due to the openness of the university and the partnership programme with foreign institutions, CHIMEP students actively participate in international events.
In their last year students have a chance to get a pregraduation internship in leading companies in Belarus. 
This modern approach to education makes it possible to produce highly qualified specialists. Entire dynasties study at the university. 

Employment and career development 

The institute cooperates with large enterprises of the Republic of Belarus and helps to form a worthy staff reserve for companies all over the country. Students get assistance in job placement and take up leadership positions in state and commercial enterprises. There is no compulsory work experience at the university.
Every graduate receives a sufficient level of knowledge and practical skills for professional and career growth. Many start their own business and become successful entrepreneurs as early as their third year.


All students say the quality of education is high, and this is also due to the professional teaching staff. Classes are taught both by local teachers and by international practitioners from Switzerland, Norway, Israel, Northern Macedonia, China, India, Russia and other countries.
Educational building

Life Conditions

In addition to the high level of educational services, the HEI organises a rich student life. Particular attention is paid to creative leisure and sporting activities.

There are no own dormitories. There are places for students in dormitories of other higher education institutions in Minsk.
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University programs

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