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Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

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General Information

Gomel State University named after Francisk Skorina prepares specialists with higher education in various fields. International cooperation is one of the major milestones in the development of the гniversity today.

Information about the University

Initially, in 1930, the now famous Gomel State University was a pedagogical institute. In 1969, a state university was formed on its basis, which taught students in physical, mathematical, philological and biological and soil sciences subjects.

In 1988 Gomel State University was named after Francisk Skorina for its good contribution to the scientific study of the heritage of the greatest humanist of the Renaissance, of the first printer Francisk Skorina, the history and culture of the Belarusian people.

GSU named after Francisk Skorina today is a research and educational center that has received recognition both in Belarus and abroad.

The university structure

Today the university comprises two research institutes:

  • History and culture of the East Slavic peoples
  • Physicochemical

The university has 11 faculties:

  • Biological
  • Geological and geographical
  • Historical
  • Pre-university study
  • Foreign languages
  • Mathematics and programming technologies
  • Psychology and pedagogy
  • Physics and Information Technology
  • Physical training
  • Philological
  • Economic
  • Legal
  • Correspondence type of study

There are also postgraduate, master’s and doctoral studies at GSU.

The status of the university and academic programs

The teaching staff of the university includes 4 corresponding members of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 45 Doctors of Sciences and 238 Candidates of Sciences.

Internships and practices can be held in more than 300 organizations. The first stage of higher education can be obtained in 42 specialties, and masters can study in 20 specialties. Postgraduate students have the opportunity to study in 46 specialties, doctors in 5 areas. There is also the possibility of distance learning. The University has a close relationship with the IT field, as well as joint master's programs with the Russian Federation.

Before entering the University, foreign citizens have the opportunity to take preparatory courses that last 8.5 months. Full-time students of these courses are provided with the dormitory accommodation.

Gomel State University has concluded many bilateral international contracts with foreign universities. According to Webometrics data, the Francisk Skorina Gomel State University is among the TOP-5 of Belarusian universities and is in 13% of the best universities in the world.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

The university has 4 buildings of dormitories for accommodation of students. Dormitories are located near the educational buildings and close to transport stops. All buildings are fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of students. The buildings have laundries, self-study rooms and rest lounges. Students lead an active cultural life.

For recreation and development, there is a sports club and a student club at the University. The student club are engaged in the activity in 32 areas, and helps 24 amateur groups. There, students can show their choreographic, vocal and theatrical talents.

The sports club helps to develop a craving for a healthy and athletic lifestyle for both students and teachers. The club has sections in 163 sports. During the winter session, a sports contest is held, which includes six sports.

Students are provided with meals at the University canteen, where they can buy a full hot lunch at an affordable price.


Accommodation in the dormitories of the Francisk Skorina GSU for foreign citizens costs about $40 per month (in terms of Belarusian rubles). The price includes use of the room and surrounding areas, kitchen, laundry and bedding.
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University programs

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