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Gomel state medical university

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General Information

Gomel State Medical University" is one of the leading medical universities of the Republic of Belarus, which has received recognition from the domestic and international community. The University has a high educational and research potential in the field of medicine and provides services in the field of pre-university, higher, additional professional education and retraining, provides advice and treatment to citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens in most medical specialties.

At the moment, more than 4,000 students, including more than 800 foreign citizens from 27 countries, are studying at 5 faculties:
  • medical and diagnostic center; 
  • faculty of International Students; 
  • faculty of preparatory courses; 
  • faculty of Advanced Training and Retraining.

The bachelor's degree program includes 3 study programs:
  • Medical business;
  • Medical and diagnostic business;
  • Medical and preventive care.

The university complex includes 37 departments, 6 dormitories, 5 academic buildings, and a professorial advisory center. Clinical departments are located on the basis of 26 state hospitals and health care institutions. Educational activities are carried out by more than 440 teachers (professors, associate professors and assistants). Graduates are given the opportunity to continue their studies in the master's program in 6 specialties and more than 20 specializations, internship, clinical residency in more than 30 specialties, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The University has the status of a scientific organization and includes a research laboratory.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

International students of GSMU live in three dormitories.
In two dormitories, the type of accommodation is block. Each block contains from two to four rooms. In the block at the disposal of students there is a private kitchen, a bathroom and a shower. Between two and four students live in the rooms.
The cost of living per month is approximately 40-50 USD.
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