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Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts

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General Information

At the university you can learn not only creative specialisation, but also modern professions in demand in the direction of management, marketing and digitalisation of the sphere of culture. Among the graduates of the university there are famous artists, artists, directors, cultural figures and artists of the Republic of Belarus.

Why should you choose BSUKI?

  • Creative teams of students and graduates of the university have all-round professional development - they perform on the main national TV channels, are participants and presenters of popular radio stations, organize exhibitions, take part in city events, win at festivals.
  • The university provides exchange of experience with specialists from CIS countries, China, Great Britain, Israel, USA, Germany, Sweden, etc.
  • Educational, research and educational activities are organised according to international standards. The university is ISO 9001-2015 certified.
  • Wonderful teachers who give 100% of their time. Over 350 teachers work with students, half of them have degrees and honorary ranks. 
  • A separate service has been set up to deal with students' psychological issues. Psychologists help with social adaptation, solution of interpersonal conflicts and self-development.
  • There is a sports club. You can join any sports section: chess, table tennis, tourism, football, volleyball, street ball, darts, weightlifting, swimming. 
  • The university atmosphere is conducive to the academic and creative growth of each student. There are separate dedicated classrooms for all classes: choreography and drama rooms, classes in traditional textiles, tapestry, batik, straw weaving, ceramics and woodworking. 

Alesa Murashova, BSUKI graduate: "I still happily attend events organised by students or the university itself. I remember how much fun it was to study. From the very first year we were involved in various projects. We were constantly in an atmosphere of creativity. BSUKI diploma is valued by many employers, so there was no problem with finding a place to implement the knowledge and skills gained. I am working in my specialty and continue to develop in my profession".

There are four main faculties within the university:

  • Information and Documentation Communication.
  • Culturology and socio-cultural activities.
  • Music and Choreography.
  • Art culture.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

BSUKI buildings: 2 academic buildings and 2 dormitories.

University facilities: Library, Art Gallery "University of Culture", Museum of Belarusian Folk Music Instruments, University Canteen and Kwetki Café
Sports complex

University programs

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