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Belarusian-Russian University

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State / Dormitory

General Information

Belarusian-Russian University is an interstate institution of higher education. Both in Russia and Belarus BRU has the status of a state university. A distinctive feature of the BRU is an active international cooperation and quality education for foreign citizens.

Information about the University

In September 1961,  the Mogilev Institute of Mechanical Engineering was established, and in 2003 a decree was issued that formed the Belarusian-Russian University. In 2013, the University was awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus for its significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists for industrial organizations, scientific and educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus as well as for the educational, scientific, technical and socio-cultural development of Belarus and Russia. Today the BRU is one of the best universities to  train specialists in the industrial areas.

The university structure

The university comprises 8 faculties:

  • Auto-mechanical
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Engineering and economic
  • Economic
  • Faculty of Correspondence Education in Engineering
  • Pre-university study and career guidance

In addition, three educational institutions  are  subordinated to the Belarusian-Russian University:

  • Institute for Advanced Study and Retraining
  • College of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • BRU Lyceum

The university has 23 departments. In addition to standard educational units, the University has a technology transfer center, research laboratories, scientific-practical and engineering centres.

The status of the university and academic programs

Nowadays BRU employs 380 teachers of whom 20 are Doctors of Science, and more than 150 are Candidates of Science and associate professors. Here it is possible to get not only the higher education, but also higher qualifications as a specialist through postgraduate studies, competition or doctoral studies.

Since 1985, the Belarusian-Russian University has been providing education for foreign citizens. Today, students from more than 13 countries of the world study at the university.

In order to study the Russian language and be introduced into the educational program for foreigners, BRU provides a ten-month preparatory course. In addition, the students can take individual courses of the Russian language, as well as study at  master’s or postgraduate school.

Students studying at BRU are free to participate in international programs such as NEXT, IAESTE, Infinity, Tempus, Impulse. The University regularly invites professors from foreign Universities, as well as promote academic mobility of teaching staff through international programs.
Educational buildings

Life Conditions

Foreign students who enroll at BRU are guaranteed to be accommodated in the dormitory of the University. The dormitory consists of three buildings, and there is also a dormitory building for students of the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

All dormitory is well-maintained and optimized for comfortable staying and studying  of the university students.

Students are provided with meals by a canteen, three buffets and three fast-food trays. In addition, Residents of the dormitories are also free to use the kitchens in their dormitories and cook their own meals.

BRU has a sanatorium where the students can undergo therapy, physiotherapy and dental procedures. A student club with many amateur groups - vocal, instrumental, dance and others provide leisure of students. In addition, there is a sports club where there are many sections on various sports - from arm wrestling to taekwondo.

The social and psychological service actively supports students, helping them in various life situations. They hold consultations on law, interpersonal relations and other inalienable life processes.


Accommodation in the dormitory for foreign students costs about 20-30 dollars in terms of Belarusian rubles. The dormitory residents have the right to use the living quarters and the adjacent premises, kitchen, laundry and other amenities.
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University programs

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