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Brest State A.S. Pushkin University

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General Information

Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin has a long tradition. Established during the Great Patriotic war in 1944, it became the flagship of higher education in the liberated Brest land. At first, it was a relatively small teaching Institute, then for a long time - a local pedagogical Institute that trained personnel for the educational system of the Republic and the USSR. In 1995, it acquired its current name – Belarusian State University, and four years later it was dedicated to the great writer A. S. Pushkin.

The status of the State Republican University means that it trains specialists of the broadest profile. Today it is an equipped and modernized institution in the field of higher education. Within the walls of the university (3 academic buildings, 5 dormitories), many scientific, cultural, educational and sports centers have been created. Young people not only receive education and study in the chosen major but also get physically trained and culturally enlightened.

Here are some facts about the university:
  • more than 7,000 students (including those from foreign countries);
  • 10 faculties;
  • 47 specialities of the first stage of higher education;
  • 21 master's degree programs;
  • 16 post-graduate courses.

Brest State University has ethnographic and biological museums, as well as the museum of the physical culture history, an educational agrobiological base, a winter garden and a garden of continuous flowering. In short, curious and goal-oriented students will easily find interesting ways of acquiring useful knowledge.

Educational programs are designed with consideration of modern time realities and the laws of functioning of market relations. Research projects are carried out with the obligatory application of skills. The university actively cooperates with international partners, providing possibilities for student and scientific exchange. Teacher staff are teachers of the highest categories who have extensive experience in training personnel for the state management system, education, science, and business.
Educational buildings

Life Conditions

For foreign students studying at the Brest State University, it is possible to live in one of the dormitories on the campus. They are equipped residential centers for comfortable year-round living of students.

A special feature of the location of dormitories is their close proximity to educational buildings. Thus, the student does not need to make daily long trips to classes. By format, this is a corridor or block type of accommodation. In the first case, there are 30 rooms on each floor with two kitchens and two bathrooms. Each of these rooms can accommodate 3-4 people. The block type is a floor block with four blocks of 5 rooms each. The number of residents is similar. The difference from the first option is the presence of a kitchen, shower and toilet room in each of the blocks.

Dormitories are located at the following addresses (the approximate monthly cost in dollars is shown in parentheses):
  • hostel №1 - 68 Lenin street ($20-30);
  • hostel № 2 - 3 Dzerzhinskiy str. ($15-20);
  • hostel № 3 - 17 Smirnova street ($20-30);
  • hostel № 4, consisting of 2 buildings-100 Pushkinskaya street and 100/1 Pushkinskaya street ($30-40).

The rooms are designed to provide the students with comfort. The furniture set includes beds, chairs, a desk, bookshelves and a built-in wardrobe. Each hostel has a reading room, rooms for self-training, gyms, laundry rooms. Everyone can connect to the Internet (via Wi-Fi).
Sports complexes

University programs

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