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Zhejiang University of Technology

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General Information

It ranks among the top three universities in China. Its achievements in the world's top 15 rankings in chemical and electronic engineering. One of the best universities in the world.
Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is nearly 70 years old. It is a public, multidisciplinary university in China, established as part of a cooperation program with Germany. It is located in Hangzhou (capital of Zhejiang Province). It is about 175 km from Shanghai.
The main fields of study are technical science and engineering. You can also study for degrees in medicine, economics, management, agronomy, philosophy, law, pedagogy, literature, history, art and design.

ZJUT in numbers

  • 3,200 specialists, including over 400 professors, 900 associate professors and 870 teachers with doctoral degrees.
  • Around 35,000 students study full-time, including more than 1,000 international students.
  • About 1,000 specialities.
  • 213 g is the total area of the three campuses of Chaohui, Pingfeng and Zhijiang.
  • The library covers an area of 60,000 square meters and contains over 7 million books, 17,000 of which are Chinese and foreign periodicals. 
  • More than 80 schools in various countries cooperate with ZJUT. 
  • More than 600 research projects have been conducted by ZJUT teachers and students in the past 3 years. This has enabled them to double their research funding. 

Why you should look at Zhejiang University of Technology: 

  1. The public university receives funding from the Chinese and German governments.
  2. The quality of education is highly regarded in the international community. The university's graduates are trusted by employers not only in China, but around the world. The scientific work of the scholars receives informational support from the Chinese media. 
  3. Financial aid programs are available for international students. More than 100 grant places are allocated to students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries every year. They cover full or partial payment of costs, accommodation, tuition, insurance, and some include a stipend. 
  4. Every student is eligible to apply for one of the following scholarships, depending on academic performance: Chinese government scholarship, Zhejiang University scholarship, Confucius Institute scholarship.
  5. One of the best teaching staff. Teaching is done by leading experts in the country.  
  6. Bachelor's degree programs with no Chinese language requirement.
  7. Chinese tutor for free. 
  8. Active social student life including sports activities.
  9. International exchange programs. 

What is required for the grant?

A high average grade point average in your last place of study.
International IELTS certificate (above 6.5).
International HSK certificate (above 4).
Significant achievement will be an additional advantage among other applications.

Terms and Conditions of Application for ZJUT

Applicants over 18 years of age (incl.), High School Diploma, HSK Certificate 4 or higher may apply for programs in Chinese.
For Master's programs, applicants must be over 18 years of age (incl.), have a Bachelor's degree and be recommended by two professors or associate professors. Good health. 

HSK certificate holder with 5 points or more can also apply.
A high school graduate without HSK certificate can apply for trial programs (one year).

Terms of study for the programs in English:
- English native/official language.
- IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL 60.
- English level admitted by ZJUT.

Average cost of tuition: 
Undergraduate - $2,700/year.
Master's degree - $3,000/year.
Accommodation - from $570/month.
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

This university can boast its campuses, have flooded areas of 23km2 with a surrounding of green-forests, wild trees and many aromatic sorts of blossoms. It provides all scholars and masters with a wide-ranging service band that can be very important to anyone to use. Moreover, the internet provides Center with a platform that gives priorities to learners to access video courses and self-learning software unstoppably, and an archive, has a collection of about 3,500,000 volumes and magazines and archives website, hosts useful information and scientific wealth, have been constructed in the area of the university.

USD 570 (3-bed room) /per year
USD 760 (2-bed room) /per year
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University programs

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