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Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

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General Information

Veterinary Academy: Education, Quality, Opportunities

The Veterinary Academy is an educational institution that has been providing high-quality education for future professionals for over half a century. Today, more than 35,000 graduates confidently possess their professional skills. The Academy takes pride in our 4,000 students, including 200 foreign nationals from 18 different countries. Our 316 instructors, including candidates and doctors of science, professors, have made a significant contribution to the educational process.

Unique Opportunities

VSAVM offers unique advantages for its students:
  1. Achievements and Awards
    The Academy has been awarded state distinctions from the Republic of Belarus, medals from the European Business Assembly, and the Diploma of the International Business Council. Our students and instructors regularly receive awards for their research and creative achievements.
  2. International Programs
    The Veterinary Academy actively participates in international projects and continually develops research programs.
  3. Practical Orientation
    Education at the Academy provides a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our program is not limited to a narrow specialization and includes new fields such as non-productive veterinary medicine and Synology.
  4. Active Student Life
    Our students find a variety of activities to enjoy in their free time: creative groups, theatrical circles, sports sections, KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive), and youth organizations.
  5. Significant Community Engagement
    VSAVM actively participates in national festivals and charitable events, assisting orphaned children and contributing to society.
  6. Successful Graduates
    VSAVM graduates are professionals in their field, and their education is recognized worldwide. They are in demand in the labor market of Belarus and abroad, holding leadership positions in the field of veterinary medicine and establishing their own businesses.
  7. Modern Technical Equipment
    Our computer labs, research laboratories, and medical equipment provide students access to modern technologies.
  8. VSAVM Clinics
    Our 6 clinics, procedure room, and pharmacy offer high-quality veterinary care for pets under the supervision of students and graduates. Our clients appreciate the responsibility, attentiveness, and qualifications of our veterinarians.
  9. Rich Repository
    The Academy's electronic archive contains scientific works, educational and methodological materials, as well as periodicals and rare publications, meeting the requirements of STB ISO 9001.

How to Apply to VSAVM?

To become part of our successful team, you need to:
  1. Prepare the necessary documents.
  2. Pass an interview on knowledge of the Russian language.

We are ready to assist you in this process. Leave an application on our MYUNIVER platform, and our experienced manager will help you choose the best educational institution in the Republic of Belarus. Together, we will create your successful future!
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

In the academic town, excellent infrastructure has been established, providing comprehensive comfort and a variety of opportunities. Here, you will find modern educational buildings, veterinary clinics, research laboratories, cultural and creative centers, dining establishments, museums, a terrarium, and even a health resort for student well-being.
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