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Sharda University

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General Information

Sharda University is the first private, independent university in Uzbekistan. It was established in 2019. Students from all over the world, such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, study here. 
Sharda University Uzbekistan's educational programs cover a wide range of professional fields, including business, technology, engineering, information systems, art and design. You can apply to one of four faculties: Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Management and Humanities.
One of the features of Sharda University, Uzbekistan, is its innovative approach to education. Advanced technologies and teaching methods create an interactive and effective educational environment. Students have access to modern learning materials, laboratories and equipment that help them learn relevant skills and be prepared for the challenges of the modern labor market.
Be sure of your choice of Sharda University in Uzbekistan. 
The advantages include: 
  1. International environment stimulates and enriches the educational atmosphere. Students learn about different cultures and communicate with people from all over the world. 
  2. A wide range of programs in various fields including business, technology, engineering, information systems, arts and design allows international students to choose a program that matches their interests and career goals.
  3. The high quality of education is evidenced by Sharda University's many awards and achievements.
    Among them: 
    1. QS I Gauge gold university ranking
    2. Extended E-Lead certification 
    3. Best Business School in the North by BBC Knowledge
    4. "Quality Education Brand of the Year" at the Time2Leap Awards
    5. No. 1 Private University by Global India Education Forum
  4. Infrastructure and resources provide a comfortable environment for studying and students' life. Modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities and dormitories.
  5. International partnerships provide opportunities for international students to participate in exchange programs, obtain dual degrees, expand their horizons of development, professional and career development. Sharda University Uzbekistan cooperates with leading universities and organizations around the world. More than 270 universities in the U.S., Britain, Italy, Canada, Russia, Slovenia, etc.
  6. Support and adaptation at every stage of the process of obtaining a profession. The university has services that help students with issues of visa, registration, accommodation and other administrative procedures. In addition, there are psychological adaptation and language support programs to help students with the language barrier and successfully integrate into the learning environment.
  7. Special attention is focused on the successful career of graduates. Sharda University, Uzbekistan offers internship and training programs. In addition, it maintains strong ties with employers of companies around the world.
  8. A rich cultural and social life at university helps students broaden their horizons, develop leadership skills, make new connections and establish friendships.
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Life Conditions

 Infrastructure and resources provide a comfortable environment for studying and students' life. Modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories, sports facilities and dormitories.
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