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International Institute of Distance Education

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General Information

The International Institute for Distance Education has a 20-year history. It was established in 2000 on the basis of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Robotics of the leading university of the country - BNTU (Belarusian National Technical University).

"Quality, professionalism, creativity, ethics and traditions of engineering education".

2006 - MIDO released the first stream of IT-specialists. Since then graduates of the University have held senior positions in digitalization departments and leading positions in major companies in Belarus, have worked all over the world and have started their own businesses.

How does distance learning at MIDO work?

Learning takes place on the basis of Moodle software. Each student has unlimited access to lectures, tutorials and university news.
In the personal cabinet of the Moodle platform the student has access to the class schedule and the dates of the practical works, there is also an online test. The timetable is strictly regulated, allowing students to plan and use their time efficiently.
At the end of each term, there is a session arranged and students have to submit their coursework at the end of the year. After defending the diploma and passing state examinations students get an official state diploma of BNTU.

Advantages of studying at MIDO:
  • To study at the University you need only Internet access and a desire to learn.
  • More than half of lecturers of the MIDO BNTU have scientific degrees. Students of the university note not only the professionalism of the teaching staff, but also responsiveness and human attitude of the teachers.
  • More than 100 technical educational institutions from 34 countries cooperate with the BNTU. 
  • You can study in English in the framework of a joint educational programme with ESIGELEC (France).
  • International exchange programmes are actively developing.  
  • University uses modern interactive methods of teaching, which provide the necessary skills for professional and career growth already during the study process.
  • An English-speaking student community.

An annual international online conference.

MIDO is the organiser of the conference "Information Technology in Education, Science and Production". The event is aimed at the exchange of experience in the use of modern information technologies in education and in industry. Research papers prepared in the framework of the conference help young specialists and professionals to better understand the digitalization of business processes in the current market conditions and play a significant role in the development of IT, both at home and abroad.

Two majors are available to international students: Information Systems and Technology and Management (Social and Administrative). 

To enrol in MIDO, you need:
  • Higher or secondary vocational education.
  • An interview or a test of Russian language skills.
Cost of study - from 950 USD/year.

Do you want to study at MIDO?
You need to follow only 3 steps:
Leave an application on our platform;
Send your documents;
Have an interview.
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All BNTU infrastructure is available to international students.
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