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Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture

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General Information

Advantages of studying at Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture


Qualified teachers at the school meet at least one of the following requirements: 
  • Has completed a 420-hour Japanese language teacher training course.
  • Passed the Japanese language teacher competency test.
  • Has an undergraduate or graduate degree in Japanese language.
Many teachers have been practicing at Kudan Institute for more than 10 years. Experienced teachers offer intensive lessons that combine an academic approach with interactive teaching techniques. You will actively practice Japanese in class, with a variety of learning materials and assignments.


The warm, friendly atmosphere encourages students to actively develop and improve their skills in Japanese language and culture.


Programs of study are tailored to the needs and levels of students. There are year-round universal programs, specialized courses for schoolchildren, students and working professionals. The programs have various terms of study, ranging from 2 weeks to 2 years.

Intensive Japanese language course

The program provides for the development of all four language learning skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. By the end of the course you will be able to communicate confidently in Japanese on any topic.
If you are applying to graduate school, university or college, the course will prepare you for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and the Japanese University Entrance Examination for International Students (EJU).

Practical course for beginners

Thanks to daily interaction with native speakers, you will be able to carry on simple everyday conversations after this course. Learn to read and write hiragana / katakana and basic grammar. After completing this program, the student can move on to an intensive course.

Japanese conversation course

Learn the basic grammar, vocabulary and culture of the country. At the end of the course, you will speak Japanese fluently and confidently.

JLPT Preparation 

The JLPT exam has been administered since 1984 to assess and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers.
The program prepares you to take this exam. In addition to language practice, you will be given tests to help you pass the JLPT.

Japanese Vacation

This course provides daily conversation practice. Great for learning and improving your language skills in a short period of time.

Manga (Comics) Course

A three-month course based on comic books. Developed by Kudan Institute in conjunction with a professional manga school. Classes are bilingual in Japanese and English. 

Individual lessons ONLINE

Recommended for those who want to focus on learning specific material while requiring their own schedule. Lessons are customized for each student.


You don't just attend classes, you adapt to the Japanese community. During your studies, you will have a busy student life. Electives: traditional Japanese calligraphy course, tea ceremonies, cooking classes, parties. Walking and bus tours in Tokyo, suburbs and other Japanese cities. Visit to Disneyland and other interesting activities.
Educational building
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Life Conditions

Kudan Japanese Institute students are most often hosted by hospitable Japanese families. To date, there are more than 300 of them. Thus, students not only practice their language skills throughout their stay at the school, but also immerse themselves in the national culture, traditions, mentality and history of the country. Communicating with native speakers allows you to expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. 
If you wish, you can check into a dormitory, guest house or rent an apartment. A Japanese homestay starts at $670 (94,000 yen) for 2 weeks. This includes breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals a day on weekends.
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University programs

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