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Belarusian State University of Transport

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General Information

BSUT is:
● High-quality specialists, with a prestigious diploma recognized in many countries of the world and high demand for graduates at enterprises of the transport complex, production and industrial sector.
● Modern methods and approaches to teaching. The University is constantly improving the teaching process. In recent years, the digitalization of educational activities has been carried out, and the practice of teaching and defending diploma projects in English has been introduced. 
● Modern material and technical base.
Students practice on vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. Structural subdivisions representing the departments of the Belarusian State University of Transport are actively functioning at the enterprises of the Belarusian Railway. The University supports the work of seven specialized research laboratories. Among other things, the University has a center of information systems and technical support, a scientific and technical library with a rich collection of ~1 million copies (constantly replenished by 30 thousand every year), a design and engineering department and other important structures that allow to improve the efficiency and quality of education.
● Opportunities for personal development in sports and social activities. University students participate and become prize-winners in university spartakiads and national sports competitions. Among the latest ones are victories in freestyle wrestling, judo, tennis, soccer, basketball and athletics. 
An important contribution to science and the development of the scientific industry is made by talented students of the university, who are winners of Olympiads, competitions for young scientists of scientific and technical international conferences.
● A multifunctional campus. Four dormitories, a sports complex, a swimming pool, computer labs, kitchens, a cafe, and a medical center. A separate campus service has been created to organize order and maintain cleanliness at the university. All conditions for comfortable living, studying and recreation are created in the dormitories. Students of BSUT can visit the sports complex and swimming pool at any time. Sport occupies a separate place in the life of the university.
● A rich cultural life.
Thanks to the student club, traditions and cultural values are maintained at the university. Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, lectures, master classes, competitions and other cultural events make student life more vivid and rich. Participation in creative groups helps to discover talents and organize exciting leisure time.
● A multicultural and friendly atmosphere.
Representatives of fifteen countries are currently studying at the Department of International Education. Students from China, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Iraq, Yemen, Mozambique, Lebanon, etc. receive higher education at BSUT. This diversity of cultures creates a unique student environment.
● International recognition.
The University is engaged in the development of foreign relations in the field of scientific and technical cooperation. Students, teachers and scientists of the university participate in international exhibitions, conferences and symposiums. The number of published articles in foreign scientific journals grows annually. The activity of the university is certified according to international standards and meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.
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Life Conditions

Comfortable accommodation is organized in the campus. 
There are 4 dormitories, canteen, buffets, medical center, sports complex with swimming pool:
4-lane swimming pool, large and small sports hall, weightlifting, wrestling and gymnasium. For varied leisure time the university invites students to sports sections and creative circles.
Chess, sports tourism, mini-football, multi-sports, handball, swimming, badminton, athletic gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, Greco-Roman wrestling. Choreographic ensembles, theater studios, vocal, KVN and others.
Sports complex

University programs

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