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Belarusian State University of Physical Culture

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General Information

Belarus State University of Physical Culture prepares strong professional athletes and specialists in the field of sport and tourism. BSUFC graduates have all the necessary skills for a successful sports career - excellent physical fitness, endurance and strength; psychological stability that allows them to cope with stress in competitions; commitment and determination; training discipline and technical skills; constant development and self-improvement.

BSUFC is a great choice:
  1. The University is a recognised leader in sports education and has nearly a century of history and tradition.
  2. Has a high enrolment rate.
  3. International ties and active participation in the exchange of experience make the university a leading player in the global sports community. The university co-operates with educational institutions all over the world, including the Russian Federation, Poland, Sweden, China, Germany and other countries.
  4. The University welcomes students from all over the world and creates a multicultural learning environment. Students from many countries around the world, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Japan and others, study here.
  5. The BSUFC is especially proud of its students - at the moment more than 500 students are members of national teams and national teams of different sports. Each student has the opportunity to combine education and sports achievements, which allows the university to be considered a place where future champions are born.
  6. The graduates are athletes and coaches, with achievements not only in Belarusian sport, but also in the international arena.
  7. Convenient location of the main building of the university, developed infrastructure and transport accessibility.
  8. Modern educational and sports buildings: cosy classrooms, sports and gyms, football stadium with artificial turf, athletics arena, two swimming pools, sauna. All necessary equipment for training and sports is available.

The university opened an 8-month preparatory department with the study of Russian as a foreign language. The cost is $1600.
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Life Conditions

The dormitory is located in one of the most picturesque districts of Minsk. It is home to about a thousand students, including master's students, postgraduates, preparatory department students and international students.
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