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Belarusian National Technical University

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General Information

Belarusian National Technical University is the leading technical university in Belarus that  trains engineering specialists in various fields of industry and production.

The history of BNTU dates back to 1920 when the Belarusian State Polytechnical Institute was founded for meeting the demand for qualified technical specialists. Since 2005 BNTU has been a reference organization of the CIS members on technical education. Over the century of its existence the university has prepared almost 200 thousand od specialists with more than 7 thousand of international students among them. By the way, the well-known scientist and the Nobel Prize winner of 2000 Zhores Alferov graduated from BNTU at the beginning of the 1950s.

BNTU offers the widest range of educational programs in Bachelor's and Master's degrees, as well as in PhD. It also has a number of preparatory courses in different areas.

The university has 16 schools: 

  • Automotive and Tractor School ;
  • School of Mining Engineering and Engineering Ecology;
  • School of Mechanical Engineering;
  • Mechanical Technological School;
  • School of Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship;
  • School of Energy;
  • School of Information Technologies and Robotics;
  • School of Management Technologies and Humanitarization;
  • School  of Engineering and Pedagogy;
  • School of Power Plant Construction and Engineering Services;
  • Architectural School;
  • School of Civil Engineering;
  • School of Instrument Engineering;
  • School of Transport Communications;
  • Military Technical School;
  • School of Sports Engineering;
  • International Cooperation School.

The university has 32 scientific research laboratories, its own R&D exhibition, and the biggest scientific library with more than 2 million publications. 

BNTU cooperates with the majority of Belarusian largest industrial enterprises, participates in various international cooperation and mobility programs, promotes its latest scientific and research developments at the international forums and exhibitions regularly.

BNTU graduates receive an internationally recognized diploma. 
Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

BNTU has one of the biggest campuses in Minsk and provides accommodation to its international students. The monthly cost of accommodation is approximately $50. 

BNTU Nutrition Center performs a key role in providing students and teachers with quality food. Compliance with sanitary standards guarantees high quality products. Every day more than 7,000 people, including 400 cadets of the Military-Technical School, use the services ofthe University's catering facilities, where the menu is updated daily. The Nutrition Center at BNTU provides affordable catering services for all categories of students and staff, including canteens, buffets, kiosks and a cooking store. The assortment includes salads, hot meals and confectionery delivered by specialized transport.

The university has a lot of sports objects as well as its own stadium. 
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