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Belarusian State University of Food and Chemical Technologies

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General Information

  Everything you will find at BSUT:
  • A large number of specialists of the highest qualification in the field of food technology and equipment of agro-industrial complex. During its work the university has trained more than 20 thousand specialists, many of whom have become leaders of the industry.
  •  Development of educational programmes for food specialities. In addition, the University has a specialized PhD and doctoral thesis defense council in the subject areas of the food profile. The work of this Council contributes to the maintenance of a high level of scientific research and ensures regular defense of doctoral and candidate theses, thus strengthening the scientific base and the University's contribution to the development of science in the field of food technology.
  •  Extensive material and technical base. The University Library has more than 420 thousand copies of books, is equipped with 3 reading rooms providing students and teachers with comfortable conditions for study and research, and a computer technology department.
  • Scientific research activities. University scientists are actively engaged in conducting scientific research, which leads to the creation of new patents, inventions, as well as scientific discoveries and technological innovations. These achievements become the basis for the development of both society as a whole and individual industries, which confirms the importance and significance of the university's research work.
  • International cooperation with advanced universities and organizations around the world. This experience includes scientific research, exchange of information and literature, participation in international conferences, as well as exchange of students and teachers, which allows them to be enriched with a variety of cultural and professional knowledge. University researchers actively participate in international conferences and have extensive experience of working with leading universities and organizations around the world, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice.
  • Sports Complex. The availability of sports halls, martial arts hall, outdoor sports facilities, football stadium, tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts. This provides students with the opportunity to take an active part in sports events and competitions, as well as to achieve high results at the national and international levels. The University is proud of the successes of its students, who perform at the Olympic Games and in the national teams of various countries of the world, demonstrating their sportsmanship.
  • Cultural and social life of students. There are various clubs, hobby groups, sports sections, interesting events and festivals. Students can develop their talents, participate in various events and enrich their academic experience not only in classes, but also in extracurricular activities. The University also has its own health and sports camp on the Chigirinsky Reservoir, where students and staff spend their summer holidays.
  • Buffet and 2 student canteens. The University provides good meals with free choice of dishes, the menu always includes fresh salads, hot dishes to choose from, as well as various cooked pastries. 

Educational buildings
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Life Conditions

For comfortable accommodation of students there are 2 dormitories, which can accommodate 1200 people. The dormitories have all the necessary furniture and provide bed linen. Showers and toilets are located in the block, and the kitchen is shared per floor.
In addition, each dormitory has rooms for independent training, sports halls, and household rooms with washing machines. The University also invites students to take part in a variety of creative circles and hobby clubs.

Sports complexes

University programs

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